Friday, September 24, 2010

Halo: Reach Status: Completed, T-Mobile Charging For SMS Services

Greetings Interwebz,
      So last time I wrote (which was a while ago, sorry), I said I had purchased Halo Reach, and I just today beat the campaign. It was honestly one of the most amazing campaigns I had ever experienced. It kept me wanting more, and I was actually a little bit upset when it was over. There is however another level AFTER the credits, which was pretty fun. You simply get attacked by hordes of NPC Covenant and when you die it brings you to a scene that links back to the beginning of the game. It was really a great experience, I suggest it to anyone who owns or plans on owning an Xbox, especially with Bungie handing the torch over to Microsoft.            

      In other news, T-Mobile is now said to start charging for SMS services. These services SHOULD include things like Facebook, Twitter, ChaCha, kgb, and other services that would fall in to place. They wouldn't be charges towards the user, but rather to the providing company. However, T-Mobile said the fees would be waived to Facebook and Twitter. Executives of the other companies weren't too happy about this since it seems like T-Mobile is singling out companies that they want and don't want.

     Anyways Interwebz, Speak To Ya Soon!